Health and Safety

May 13, 2023

Restaurant Brands International (RBI), a leading multinational fast food holding company, sought to enhance their health and safety training for employees across their global brands, including Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes. They needed a scalable, interactive, and engaging training solution to ensure consistent and comprehensive education on health and safety practices for their workforce. eLearningLair was engaged to develop an innovative online training course tailored to RBI’s specific needs.

The primary objectives of this project were to ensure all employees receive uniform training that meets international health and safety standards, provide a solution that can be easily deployed and accessed by employees worldwide, create an interactive and engaging learning experience to enhance retention and application of health and safety protocols, and implement a system for tracking completion rates and assessing the understanding of health and safety practices among employees.

eLearningLair designed a comprehensive Health and Safety Online Training Course for RBI, encompassing several key components. The interactive modules developed covered essential health and safety topics, including food handling, workplace hygiene, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment (PPE). These modules incorporated multimedia elements such as videos, infographics, and animations to illustrate key points and maintain engagement, as well as interactive quizzes and real-life scenario simulations to reinforce learning and assess comprehension.

To ensure the course was relevant and familiar to employees, eLearningLair tailored the content and design to reflect RBI’s brand identity. Additionally, the course content was localized for various languages and cultural contexts to accommodate RBI’s diverse global workforce. The course was integrated with RBI’s existing Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline deployment and access, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and course completion.

Tracking mechanisms were implemented to monitor employee progress and course completion rates, providing detailed analytics and reports to help RBI identify areas for improvement and measure training effectiveness. The implementation process began with a thorough needs assessment to understand RBI’s specific requirements and challenges, followed by course development in collaboration with subject matter experts. A pilot version of the course was deployed to a select group of employees to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments before the finalized course was rolled out to all employees across RBI’s global locations. Ongoing technical support and updates were provided to ensure the course remains current and effective.

The results of the training course were highly positive. eLearningLair achieved a 95% course completion rate, indicating strong employee engagement and participation. The training enhanced compliance with international health and safety standards across all RBI locations, and the course received positive feedback from employees and management regarding its interactivity and relevance. Successfully scaling the training to thousands of employees worldwide demonstrated the course’s effectiveness and adaptability.

eLearningLair’s Health and Safety Online Training Course has significantly contributed to improving health and safety standards at RBI. By providing an engaging, scalable, and effective training solution, eLearningLair has helped RBI ensure a safer working environment for its employees across the globe, reinforcing their commitment to health and safety excellence.