Content Authoring

Suffer from writer’s block no longer! This team has interviewed subject matter experts and created content for various industries, topics and styles. They’re ready to take on any project. Our instructional designers understand the intricacies of learning and adult education. They apply science-based principles to make your training program comprehensive, engaging, and interactive all while supporting and measuring learner retention.

World Class Development

Give your courses the “wow” treatment with beautiful design. From branding and templates to full course development and everything in between, our digital designers always have their creative juices flowing. Consider them part of your team who can create graphics, simulations, screen captures/product demonstrations, video production, narration (including AI), and more.

We’ll make a GREAT team!

For projects big and small, our project managers will guide and support you through your entire course development journey. They make it easy to have a single point of contact on projects, find the answers you need, and keep your project on time and on budget. Our quality assurance specialists have a keen eye for detail. Each project goes through a comprehensive testing and review process to ensure your online courses work exactly the way you need.

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Whether you need help designing your training courses, planning and developing your eLearning program, converting your instructor-led training to online learning modules, or analyzing your learner’s data — eLearningLair is ready to assist!

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