Workplace Harassment and Violence

February 13, 2024

CBC Radio Canada, a prominent national broadcaster, recognized the critical need to foster a safe and respectful workplace environment. To address issues of workplace harassment and violence, they sought a comprehensive and effective training solution for their diverse workforce. CBC Radio Canada partnered with eLearningLair to develop an online training course specifically designed to educate employees on recognizing, preventing, and addressing harassment and violence in the workplace.

The primary objectives of this initiative were to ensure all employees understood the definitions and implications of workplace harassment and violence, to provide them with the tools and knowledge to prevent such incidents, and to establish clear procedures for reporting and addressing any occurrences. By achieving these goals, CBC Radio Canada aimed to cultivate a culture of respect and safety, thereby enhancing overall workplace morale and productivity.

eLearningLair crafted a robust online training course consisting of several interactive modules. These modules covered essential topics such as the definitions and forms of harassment and violence, the impact of these behaviors on individuals and the workplace, and the legal and organizational policies related to these issues. The course also included practical strategies for preventing harassment and violence, guidelines for appropriate workplace behavior, and detailed procedures for reporting and addressing incidents.

To ensure the training was engaging and impactful, eLearningLair utilized a variety of multimedia elements, including videos, animations, and interactive scenarios. These scenarios allowed employees to practice responding to real-life situations in a safe and controlled environment, thereby enhancing their understanding and retention of the material. Interactive quizzes and assessments were also included to gauge comprehension and reinforce learning.

Custom branding and localization were integral to the course design, ensuring the content was relevant and accessible to CBC Radio Canada’s diverse workforce. The training materials were available in both English and French, reflecting the bilingual nature of the organization. eLearningLair worked closely with CBC Radio Canada to ensure the training content was aligned with their specific policies and values, creating a consistent and coherent learning experience for all employees.

Integration with CBC Radio Canada’s existing Learning Management System (LMS) facilitated easy access to the training course. The user-friendly interface ensured that employees could navigate the course effortlessly, while robust tracking mechanisms allowed management to monitor progress and completion rates. Detailed analytics provided insights into employee engagement and areas where additional training might be needed.

The implementation process began with a thorough needs assessment to identify CBC Radio Canada’s specific requirements and challenges. eLearningLair collaborated with CBC Radio Canada’s human resources and legal teams, as well as subject matter experts, to develop accurate and comprehensive training content. A pilot program was conducted to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments before the full rollout to all employees.

The results of the training program were highly positive. Employees reported a heightened awareness and understanding of workplace harassment and violence, and felt better equipped to prevent and address such issues. The training contributed to a more respectful and safe workplace environment, with increased confidence among employees in the procedures for reporting and addressing incidents. CBC Radio Canada’s management valued the detailed tracking and analytics capabilities, which provided valuable insights into training effectiveness and areas for continuous improvement.

eLearningLair’s workplace harassment and violence online training course has played a crucial role in enhancing the safety and respectfulness of CBC Radio Canada’s work environment. By providing a tailored, engaging, and effective training solution, eLearningLair has helped CBC Radio Canada uphold its commitment to a workplace free from harassment and violence, fostering a positive and productive organizational culture.