The Recipe for eLearning Success

eLearning is rapidly overtaking the traditional route of educating employees on safety, procedures and company values. But is it being maximized to its full potential? There are three key ingredients to achieving the full value that eLearning provides.

1. Purpose and Analytics

The first ingredient for an eLearning success is reverting back to the purpose of your module. Is this a safety instructional module? Or, is this a new company strategy on sales for the next fiscal quarter? Upon completion of the module, analyze the statistics that follow and relate it back to your initial purpose. If the purpose of the module is the former, compare workplace accidents or incidents post-module to the amount that occurred prior to training. If the purpose of the module is the latter, compare sales data to pre-module completion data.

If you see a sharp improvement in results, congratulations – you’ve added the first ingredient to a successful eLearning module correctly. If you don’t, consider altering the material presented.

2. Indicators

Conduct surveys on employees after they finish an eLearning seminar. Remember, eLearning is meant to add value to employees by being tailored towards their needs, pace and preferences. The beauty in eLearning is that you can change any aspect of the module in mere seconds. If employees indicate a lack of knowledge testing after the fact, considering adding a performance evaluation prior to completion. If they ask for more visualizations of the material, add illustrative videos or examples. The possibilities with technology are endless.

3. Customization

Have a sales strategy that is extremely detailed, so much so that it would take up hundreds of Powerpoint slides? Wonderful – let’s make that into a whiteboard video, customizable with a concrete example for your employees. The best way to absorb data is through re-performance, and eLearning gives you the ability to customize a performable example specific to your clients, company and strategies.


4 Ways eLearning Can Impact Your Employees

Today, businesses allow for more flexibility in the geographic operating locations of their employees, resulting in a dispersed workforce. This poses a major threat for information communication. How do you ensure that information will be clearly and accurately communicated to all members of your organization? The solution is simple: through elearning.

1. Expense Saving

Generally, training is conducted in a head office training room or conference centre situated near headquarters. The cost of this infrastructure, rent and/or lease is an immediate cost burden for any company. Through eLearning, you minimize the travel and lodging costs for these sessions. No longer does training have to be classified as a significant expenditure on your books. A one-time fee to develop the training module is all that would be incurred.

2. Breaking the Communication Barriers

A large-scale, international company is hosting a training session for major sales leaders across the globe. Does the facilitator speak the native tongue of the head office? Are translators brought in? Through eLearning, employees are able to receive information in their respective languages, ensuring a seamless spread of information to all.

3. Employee Convenience

Nothing motivates an employee more than autonomy and trust. The power to work remotely and still receive information electronically allows for employees to learn at their own convenience. Libraries, cottages, backyards, or even beaches; eLearning allows for remote learning, at any time.

4. Pace of Knowledge

Have you ever sat in a meeting, lecture or seminar and accidentally missed a crucial part of the message? It can be extremely inconvenient to repeat information in a fixed, time-tight agenda. eLearning allows employees to learn at their own pace. Revert back to the previous slide at any time, perform the module twice, take your time and read the material carefully. eLearning encourages thorough learning, not racing to the end.

Overall, eLearning provides several benefits and advantages to both companies and employees. The digital age is here – what are you waiting for?


And We’re Off!

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